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Letter to Stakeholders, As the management body of the Veneta Cucine Group, we sense the urgency to contribute with enthusiasm and con viction to what we can and must do as a company, both in terms of actions and raising awareness, to protect the environment , our territory and the social context. Given the complexi ty of the challenge, our best efforts may be considered great or small, but if combined with the efforts of many others, what we can do will make the contribution significant. We would like ours to be an invitation to collabora te , to compare with each other, to spur each other on in order to be as incisive as possible in the pursuit of our com mon goal, and to preserve what is none other than “our home”. Our Company has a history going back more than fifty years, and over time has developed from a local concern to be come the leading Italian manufacturer of fitted kitchens. Our manufacturing is carried out in 5 factories, all loca ted in the Veneto region, proving our strong industrial vocation and roots. Throughout our history, many actions have been undertaken and investments made that have affected aspects of an environmental nature and social com mitment: from company certifications

to product certifications that have gra dually followed on over time, from the birth of the Green Thinking movement to all measures aimed at energy efficien cy, from sustainable choices made in manufacturing processes to the choice of materials that favour regenerated or recycled components, the focus on people and involvement of the supply chain. It is a commitment that we have been pursuing for many years, but what has undergone a dynamic and even unexpected acceleration recently has been precisely the realisation of the ur gency of having to deal with these is sues, the awareness that sustainability is the challenge of today and not of tomor row and that we cannot wait. We have decided to draw up a sustainability re port for our Company. For us, it is not a regulatory requirement, something we do because we are obliged to, rather it is the instrument with which we want to voluntarily formalise our engagement, it is a guide to transparently reporting what we do and a valid methodology for determining future planning. We have always been highly commit ted to making the homes and the ki tchens of those in Italy and around the world who have chosen us increasingly

more beautiful, well-made, functional, safe and in keeping with evolving life styles by offering extremely broad de sign and planning possibilities. And so we went from producing the so-called “buffet kitchens” of the Seventies to the “augmented space” of today, where kitchen environments relate and inte ract with the other rooms in our homes, providing an increasingly dynamic and integrated residential setting. We want to continue to design the homes of the future with this same enthusiasm: the future is the most beautiful space to de sign and we want the future, with our products, to be increasingly more su stainable.

This is our undertaking.

The Board of Directors of Veneta Cucine SpA




ESG Strategy

01 Veneta Cucine Profile, history and values of an Italian flagship The governance structure Economic responsibility Ethics, integrity and transparency

04 Environment

Environmental management policies Energy consumption and the impacts of emissions Eco-design and circular economy models

16 28 31 35





Criteria that assess how a company behaves with regard to the environment

Veneta Cucine’s commitment Stakeholders Materiality analysis 02 Commitment

05 Social


38 42 44

The people at Veneta Cucine Inclusion, development and well-being of personnel Health and safety: a priority The link with the local area and community

73 75



Criteria relating to the social sphere based on impact and relationship with the local area

Innovation, sustainability and safety Customer satisfaction and distributed design and planning The responsible supply chain 03 Products

06 Annex


Note on methodology Correlation with GRI standards and involvement in impacts Environmental data Human resources data


83 88 94

58 61


102 106

Supply chain data GRI content index

Issues to do with corporate management inspired by best practice and ethical principles




1 Climate




No. of countries we export to

2 Eco-efficiency

Italian manufacturing group of kitchen furniture *


3 Product sustainability

No. of mono-brand stores

*(CSIL – The Italian kitchen furniture market - March 2023)

263,7 mln €

+18% Increase in turnover

No. of manufacturing sites 5 11,0 mln €

4 Circularity and up-cycling

Our turnover in 2022

12,3 mln €

Our turnover in 2021 223,5 mln €

5 People

7 Supply chain approach

net profit 2022

Industrial investments

6 Community

Adoption of UN Agenda goals



1. Climate Counteracting the global rise in temperatures

2. Eco-efficiency Using energy more responsibly

3. Product sustainability Improving environmental aspects in all stages of the life of the product

Adopting principles of eco-de sign that take the life cycle into account right from the design stage Obtaining certifications with a view to promoting environ mental and relevant aspects of products : • Use of wood composite products that comply with CARB ATCM Phase II or U.S. EPA TSCA Title VI emissions limits

7,8% reduction in electricity consumed per piece produced 15,1% reduction in natural gas consumption

100% electricity from certified renewable sources


• “Made In” certification atte sting to the Italian origin of the products and complian ce with all applicable sa fety, strength and durability standards

the anti-bacterial kitchen

• Water-based painting

Environmental certification



4. Circularity and up-cycling Prioritising low-impact, recycled and reclaimed materials

5. People Promoting equality, inclusion and equal opportunity What our organisation thinks of us: Manpower Project


"Continuous encouragement"

"Healthy company"

"Growing in steps"



"Beautiful workplace"

"Proud to be a part"

"Second home"

98,7% of processing waste recovered 86,5% of total packaging is cardboard

53,5% recycled material in the cardboard used

94,3% of chipboard used coming from recycling 71,2% of wood material used coming from recycling




N° Employees 496 Increase of 6% in n° of Employees ISO 45001 certification for all manufacturing facilities

Adoption of the Organisa tion, Management and Con trol Model in accordan ce with Legislative Decree 231/2001

Hours of training 3.727



6. Community Generating and distributing value in the local community

7. Supply chain Pursuing a supply chain approach by beco ming an active agent of change

92,8% economic value redistributed to stakeholders

Favouring local and Made in Italy suppliers 78,6% Italian suppliers 80,8% SME suppliers

Increase in economic value generated +16% compared to 2021 20,9 mln € economic value to support solidity, growth and investments




15 Governance



Veneta Cucine, founded in 1967 in the province of Treviso, is a family-owned and family-run business with a history spanning over 50 years, which over time has developed from a local concern into a large, internationally-recognised group to beco me Italy’s leading manufacturing platform for ki tchen furniture.

Headquarters, Biancade di Roncade (TV)

A VOCATION FOR MANUFACTURING: This innate vocation for manufacturing has gui ded the Company’s decisions towards a marked vertical integration that has permitted care ful control of all the stages of the transforma tion process. The business is conducted in over 120,000 sq m of covered industrial facility.

Area: 39.000 m²

Panel sizing, edge-banding, machining and painting, assembly and packaging.

Biancade di Roncade factory (TV)

San Stino di Livenza factory (VE)

Area: 10.000 m²

Area: 13.800 m²

Specialised in sizing laminate panels and edging tops and doors.

Dedicated to the production and assembly of kitchens and furniture for the Forma brand.

Olmi factory, San Biagio di Callalta (TV)

Codissago factory, Longarone (BL)

Area: 10.400 m² Inaugurated in 2019, installation of state-of-the-art machinery dedicated to producing quartz and ceramic worktops and counters.

Area: 11.800 m²

Dedicated to the production of doors and solid wood and veneered accessories, to the production of alumi nium frames, and the sizing and assembly of aluminium profiles.

PEOPLE ARE KEY: Valuing the role of each individual within the organisation



FROM THE PRODUCT TO THE PROJECT, TO MULTI-FUNCTIONALITY Tailor-made products based on specificities and de sign projects of each individual, considered unique.


Creating opportunities

Valuing relationships



Responding to needs

Making wishes come true


Making actions meaningful



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